Working Together

1. Getting to Know Each Other & Gathering Information

Our needs-based approach means learning more about your financial needs, situations and goals. In this meeting we will ask a series of questions to learn your goals in terms of what you need and what you want. We gather financial information in order to analyze it at a high level for our next meeting and we do this through face-to-face meetings, phone conversations and written communications with you.

2. Analysis and Recommendations

Now that we know you and the goals and dreams you strive for, we can study the basic input carefully. We then prepare a financial analysis and recommendations based on your financial foundation and the goals you are trying to reach.

3. Activate the Program With You

Then, working closely with you, we activate your financial management program. Any decisions you make and any actions you take are entirely up to you.

4. Conduct Periodic Reviews

People, personal circumstances and the economy change. The most important part of your financial process is periodic reviews. The main goal of these reviews is to explain how well you are reaching your goals and to explain any changes that should be made to your portfolio. We monitor your financial management program with you, keeping it on course to help meet your financial goals and dreams.

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